The general condition of a tree is easily checked before purchase:
    - First check the color: it should be an even dark green from top to base.
    - Try the needle test: gently brush the needles towards the center and tap the tree against the ground. If FRESH and GREEN needles shed copiously, the tree has dried and is not long-lasting.
    - Brownish needle shedding is natural, as the needles are organically and constantly renewing.

    If outside temperatures are below freezing, thawing your tree should be done with patience and care. The two most common mistakes if a frozen tree is brought straight into room temperatures are:
    - The needles swell quickly, causing damage to their structure and drying them more quickly.
    - The trunk takes longer than the needles to thaw, preventing the needles from absorbing water and causing them to dry.
    A frozen tree should be thawed slowly in a cool space. It should be placed immediately in a water container or a tree stand, because the trunk needs water as soon as the capillary water flow starts again after thawing, otherwise the trunk will dry up and the needles will start to shed.
    If there is no cool space to thaw out the tree, place the tree in a bathroom, put it in a water container and spray the trunk and branches with cool water until thawed. This method provides good results if sprayed with water for a long enough time.
    By thawing out your tree with proper care, you can enjoy the atmosphere and aroma of your Christmas tree for as long as possible.

    The trunk must ALWAYS be sawed to improve the water intake of your tree.
    Saw a 1-2 cm disc from the base. Remember NOT TO CARVE AT THE BARK, because this can damage the capillaries in the inner core and prevent the needles from absorbing water.

    A quality tree stand is worth investing in, because a large 2–2,5 meters tall tree absorbs up to 2–3 liters of water in its first day, so a tree stand equipped with a 3–4-liter tank is the sensible choice. We carry quality tree stands in various sizes here.

    The tree should be placed as far away as possible from radiators, ovens, fireplaces or any other heat sources.
    Spruces thrive in the coolest places, which help keep the needles fresh and vibrant for longer.

    A well-maintained Christmas tree provides authentic Christmas atmosphere by remaining lush and robust for up to two months.
    A healthy Christmas tree will grow new green shoots, giving your home that long-lasting and fresh spruce aroma of Christmas.

  7. TIP
    When the time comes to dispose of your Christmas tree, cut the branches with shears straight into a garbage bag, to prevent shedding around your house.